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(shows Seymour and Audrey II)

Seymour: I'm so mad! :angered:

Audrey II: That's the spirit, Seymour! All you gonna do is kill him, chop him and feel him to me!

Seymour: Wait a minute?! I don't want be angry over someone who bullies me. I should bullies him or her back. I'm sorry Audrey II. *puts out an axe* I don't need you anymore.

Audrey II: Yeah-- Wait, WHAT!?!

(Seymore pounce on Audrey II and starts chopping him)

Audrey II: No! Ahh! No! That's not in the script!? No!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! *head chopped off* :dead:

(shows Audrey and Orin)

Audrey: *push Orin out of her apartment* GET OUT YOU IMMATURE JERK!!

(Seymour comes out)

Seymour: There you are, Audrey!

Audrey: Oh Seymour! *jumps on Seymour's arms* That evil idiot tried to abuse me but with you, Seymour...I always be in your arms. *hugs Seymour*

Orin Scrivello DDS: HEY!! What about me!?!

Seymour: That's what you get for abusing Audrey!

Orin Scrivello DDS: WHAT?!?! Abusing?! B-but how I supposed to find a woman?!?!? *turns around*

(shows Ramona Flowers next to a stop sigh)

Orin Scrivello DDS: *smooth evil voice* Helloooooooooo baby!

(Orin run toward to Ramona)

Ramona Flowers: Uhh...hi? Do I know you?

Orin Scrivello DDS: I'm Orin Scrivello DDS but you call me doctor!

Ramona Flowers: Oookay?

Orin Scrivello DDS: So you can date and let me be you boyfriend?!

Ramona Flowers: Well...yeah but you have to defeat my 7 evil exes. *points*

(shows the 7 evil exes)

Orin Scrivello DDS: Aw crap...

[rock and roll music plays as the title card appears, Orin Scrivello DDS vs. the World]

Matthew Patel: First you have to face me and my demon hipster chicks!

Orin Scrivello DDS: Oh yeah, pirate bollywood boy! *grabs a chain and whips Matthew Patel*

[coin fell as Orin collect]

Orin Scrivello DDS: Ooooo coins!

Lucas Lee: Collecting coins, eh? What a--

Orin Scrivello DDS: HEY!! This is a kids show!

Lucas Lee: Breaking a 4th wall? Pffft! I'm the only actor.

Orin Scrivello DDS: Say, you're kind of cool by the way. Wanna be my friend?

Ramona Flowers: Hey, are you defeat him?

Orin Scrivello DDS: Oh...*turns to Lucas and point* Look over there, is that Winifred Hailey?

Lucas Lee: *turns around* Where?!

(Orin grabs Lucas' skateboard and hits him)


Todd Ingram: Well, well, well. Well isn't the crazy denist.

Orin Scrivello DDS: *drops skateboard* Well you're just a cocky-cock!

Todd Ingram: No, I'm a rockstar... *goes vegan*

Orin Scrivello DDS: And a vegan? Well be gone, ve-gone! *whips Todd*

Roxy Richter: Ve-gone?? HA! That doesn't make any sense! *puts out her katana whip*

Orin Scrivello DDS: You're gonna defeat with that?! Tough luck. *grabs Roxy with his chain whip and throw her*

(Kyle and Ken Katayanagi showed up)

Orin Scrivello DDS: *to the audience* I didn't know she dated twins...

(Kyle and Ken Katayanagi starting DJ as the twin dragons appeared and hit Orin)

Orin Scrivello DDS: *feel something glowing* Huh? *look at his chain whip* Hmmm... *in a echo voice* BLACK...ROCK...SHOOTAH!!! *zaps Kyle and Ken* *huffs nitrous oxide* *insane laugh*

(Gideon Graves showed up)

Gideon Graves: Look we got here...

Orin Scrivello DDS: Who do you mean "we"? It just you!

Gideon Graves: Well...I got nothing to say here! *wields pixel katana*

Orin Scrivello DDS: *The Power of Love appeared out of Orin's chest* I level up? *drop his chain whip and puts the Power of Love out of his chest* Well game over, jerk! *whacks Gideon as coin fell out*


???? Wait just a second!

(Snott Pilgrim shows up angry with the Power of Self-Respect)




Orin Scrivello DDS: Who are you supposed to be?

Snott Pilgrim: I'm Snott Pilgrim and you never date Ramona so let's fight!

Orin Scrivello DDS: Well...I'm not gonna fight a weak person.

Snott Pilgrim: What?

Ramona Flowers: Are you gonna fight Snott for me?

Orin Scrivello DDS: Nah. I like this other girl now.

(shows Orin and Snow sitting together in the woods)

Orin Scrivello DDS: This is really nice soooo do you like going to the denist?

Snow White: *gets up* Not really but you first have to defeat my 7 evil dwarfs to date me.

(shows the 7 evil dwarfs gowling at Orin)

Orin Scrivello DDS: I really gotta stop dating.... [the 7 evil dwarfs starts pouncing on Orin and beating him up as the segment ends]
This is a crossover of Little Shop of Horrors(1986) and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. It pop out of my brain.

Orin Scrivello DDS
Audrey II
Ramona Flowers
Matthew Patel
Lucus Lee
Todd Ingram
Roxy Richter
Kyle and Ken Katayanagi
Gideon Graves
Snott Pilgrim(Scott Pilgrim)
Snow White
The 7 evil dwarfs

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

MAD References:
Snott Pilgrim vs. the Wonderful World of Disney

MAD (c) Warner Bros.
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